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Create Better Learning Experience

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Learning tool

Do you make decisions on your eating like what a nutritionist does? The answer in real life is probably ‘NO’. Now let us assume that there are POWERFUL TOOLS that can help you transit from ‘NO’ to ‘YES’. Would you like to try these POWERFUL TOOLS?

We do not aim to help you on eating.Our goal is to help you on your LEARNING! We can design POWERFUL TOOLS to help you learn like what a learning scientist does! We look for partners to co-build these POWERFUL TOOLS
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Instructional design

In your organization, people’s performance need to be improved. Your organization are developing a digital tool, and you hope to improve the usability of the tool.   You want to transfer a traditional textbook into a hypermedia e-version with more interactive characteristics.

We can help you design and develop an e-learning solution to address these needs

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Web development

We can help you build a site providing better customer service. Do you need more traffic to your website? We offer SEO consulting services.

You have a site already, but it is not attracting and serving your customers well. We can help you figure out why by conducting usability consulting

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