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Create Better Learning Experience

Learning ecosystem

An illustration of learning ecosystem

In learning ecosystem, there are five factors, see the following illustration:

ECO Factors

All the 5 factors contribute to the obtaining of good learning experiences.

On which parts of the ecosystem, beyondinno can make contributions

When most people think about the constraints and affordances of a learning/performance situation, we have thought outside of the box: we think about how to create theories/tools that change the ‘constraints and affordances’. We go beyond accepting the big assumptions that most people get used to; we think of changing the world, changing the assumptions by creating breakthrough tools and theories.

Beyondinno Contribute

By addressing what performance gaps, can Beyondinno make a difference?

There exist lots of gaps for achieving the following practice, Beyondinno can make a difference by narrowing these gaps.

Theory Affect

Gap1: There is not enough scientific learning-relevant theory. Gap2: Even for existing scientific learning-relevant theories, tools designers, policy makers, teachers, peers, and learners often fail to learn and apply them.