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Tree (Tree-net, part10)

Created on Feb 7th: The multiple-windows in Tree-net


Tree (Tree-nets, part9)

Created on Feb 7: Why can SIF work?

Tree (Tree-net, part8)

Created on Feb 6th

Tree (Tree-nets, part7)

Created on Feb 6th

Tree (Tree-nets, part5)

Created on Feb 6

Relate accounting to learning design, in terms of document, monitor, and manage. Relate business intelligence to learning intelligence.

Tree (Tree-nets, part3)

Part 3: Thinking as a design process, mini-step of thinking as a function, treat thinking-function in SIF, relate Adobe Flash to Tree-Net: to design scripts and plays in Tree-Net



Tree (Tree-net, part2)

Part 2: play and script; pre-, parallel-, and post-script; authentic-play and animated play; the same play by various people; relate all plays by one person

Tree (tree-net, part4)

Tree (Tree-net, part 4) Scripts as important intelligence, how the scripts are obtained by H (Human-beings) and C (Computers).   

Created on Feb.3:

The process of internalization

Tree (Tree-net, part1)

Created in Feb 1st

Part 1: Visualize thinking and learning, in meaningful play, in sign activity, in possible neural activity, and in their connections and projections with each other.

Tree (Scratch in MIT)

Tree created in Jan 31

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