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Tree-threads for W-MIT Source A-1.1.1

Tree-threads created based on "Mission and history"

Word tree-threads

A-1.1.1-w1: future

A-1.1.1-w2: technology

Phrase tree-threads

A-1.1.1-future-ph1: better future

A-1.1.1-future-ph2: future-obsessed product designers 

A-1.1.1-technology-ph1: aided by technology

A-1.1.1-misc-ph1: embed .. digital .. with .. physical

Sentence tree-threads

A-1.1.1-future-s1: "At the Media Lab, the future is lived, not imagined."

Notes for W-MIT Source A-1.1.1

Notes on "Mission and History" of Media Lab


1. Future

1.1 "At the Media Lab, the future is lived, not imagined."

1.2 "Media Lab researchers design technologies for people to create a better future."

How can technology help instructional designers? Part 2—ID templates

Microsoft Publisher helps people perform some tasks with available templates that embed the expertise of graphic designers. Therefore, with these templates, users lacking graphic design skills can still produce professional look documents. Moreover, even professional graphic designers might save time by simply modifying the templates.

Amazing MAPS—part 2

Articulate, as a rapid e-learning tool, empowers us to design the Flash files with various types of navigation systems.
The following are a few navigation types in Articulate: process, timeline, pyramid, and circle diagram.
1: Process
2: Timeline
3: Pyramid

Amazing MAPs-part1

A few typical moments in my daily life:
Moment #1: Visited Google Map, checked the route to a target place
Moment #2: Inside the subway train, viewed the subway map to see where to transfer
Moment #3: Calibrated with Canada Food Guide Map to plan my eating
Moment #4: Chose one of the navigation maps (in the software tool Articulate) for my e-learning design.
Moment #5: Designed a navigation map from SmartArt, and then combined with Articulate.

How can technology help instructional designers? Part 1: Can rapid e-learning tools fasten the instructional design process?

As Lectora, Captivate, and other tools are called rapid e-learning tools, after all, they are only authoring tools. These tools can fasten the programming, and maybe some graphic design processes; however, they cannot fasten the instructional design process.

Eight tips for Drupal SEO (Part 1 of 2)

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a necessary means to market websites. Drupal, a free and extensible CMS not only catches the eyes of small business owners, but attracts large enterprises. So how to SEO Drupal? I show eight tips below:

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