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Why with the Media Lab

Why do I want to weave tree-nets with the MIT Media Lab

1. Analyze why the Media Lab and me can be a good match, in terms of goals, projects, and people's beliefs, interests, skills etc. Ideally, there can be both the shared parts and complimentary parts.

2. Start the learning journey from the Media Lab: one way to work toward the goal of  'standing on the shoulders of huge men' is through weaving tree-nets with these huge men/orgnizations. 

What is weaving tree-nets?

What is weaving tree-nets?

Suppose there are A and B, weaving tree-nets is a process of relating A to B. A and B could be people, organizations, projects, tools, ideas, or a mix of all etc.

There can be many types of weaving; however the basic weaving-&-reasoning 'blocks' are similar: compare, contrast, induce, deduce, elaborate, synthesize, reason with analogies, etc.

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