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Amazing MAPS—part 2

Articulate, as a rapid e-learning tool, empowers us to design the Flash files with various types of navigation systems.
The following are a few navigation types in Articulate: process, timeline, pyramid, and circle diagram.
1: Process
2: Timeline
3: Pyramid
4: Circle
These four navigation types are superior to the linear tab systems because:
The key relationships between the menu-components become more visible because of the physical-metaphors: the steps, the timeline, the pyramid shape, and the layer-circle shape.
So, readers visualize the logical-relationship explicitly, rather than think of the logical-relationship by thinking the implicit-words.
This visualization will not only engage the readers, but also facilitate their understanding and remembering.
If this Articulate tool is used together with SmartArt in Microsoft Office 2007, a lot of more navigation systems will be created in simple steps, without the requirement of one’s knowing lots of skills.
The following image shows some of SmartArt type of navigation.
SmartArt picture



Maps or diagrams?

They are maps or diagrams?