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Kathy's diary -- Feb 20

A translating job

As I re-read Driscoll's books, I reinforce one idea: I can try to translate the 'symbolic-mode' to 'iconic-mode', I can translate the 'novel-like' to 'play-like'. Compared to my previous reading, this time, I activate more analogies explicitly.

I dream about tools that can help me and others do this type of translating, and value this type of translating.

The translating process is a process of getting inspiration and imagination.

Life and play

With seeing many talk shows addressing the relationsips between an actors' real life and his acting. I am more ascertain of the tool function of real play, animated play, and scripts

A physical model

Tree-Nets is actually a physical model (An dynamic animated one) to help each user visualize the patterns in one's learning. 

Similiar to the globe-model, it needs to carry the perceptual characterics

Different from the gloabe-model, this physical model is dynamic, change continuously. However, we still might find some patterns. 

One important reason for setting up an independent innovation science

Maybe one important reason is to help people see the connections between learning and innovating.