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Illustrate Smart Analogy -- Action Group 2: create and manage projects

 Project: Illustrate the Smart Analogy Tool 

Action group 2: Create and manage projects

There can be two cases for my collecting and using analogies:

Case 1: I do not have a project goal.

Case 2: I have a project goal.

For Case 2, I want to store and manage all relevant analogies in one place: the place specifically for the project.

Illustrated scenario

I create a project called 'Illustrate the Smart Analogy Tool', everything relevant will be stored here. I will manage and use analogies within the scope of this project. 

I can do it in this way

Step 1: Click the button called 'Create a new project', and then input relevant information.

Step 2: Part of the interface looks just like the current page, with the left side as the 'stage', and right side as the navigation bar for all relevant information: the 'store' of analogies, things, people, & sign systems. 

Step 3: Just like a Adobe Flash project, I can import resources from the libraries: public libraries or my personal libraries.

Step 4: Assume that I now import a few analogies from my personal libraries. I created these analogies and stored them in my personal libraries.

1. Net-sculpture

2. Trees

3. Neural-Activity

4. Play-Script for learning

5. Tree-nets





 TED  Smart Analogy 
 A Video  



 Fengbin  Janet Echelman



 Document  Analogy
 Net  Pattern




 Tree ()  Tree ()
 Tree ()  Tree ()
 Tree ()  


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Project: Illustrate the Smart Analogy Tool

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