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Illustrate Smart Analogy -- Action Group 1: Document

 Project: Illustrate the Smart Analogy Tool 

Action group 1: document

When I encounter or generate a good analogy, I want to document it.
 ~ It could be when I read an article or watch a video
 ~ It could be when I listen to a lecture or after watch a movie
 ~And a lot other situations

Smart Analogy helps me document, in a simple and fun way

Illustrated scenario

I document analgogies after watching a video called "Taking imagination seriously" in TED. 

I can do it in this way

Step 1: I log in my account in Smart Analogy.

Step 2: I click and open the tool bar called 'Analogy'

Step 3: I copy and paste the video and script information from TED to my account

Step 4: Smart Analogy automatically creates information on the source-artifact: the ted video link. Or I can choose to edit it manually.

Step 5: I click the button called "create an analogy", then a window pop-up. 

Part of a default setup of this window might look like this

Source Pattern Target


Step 6: I fill in some information 

Source Pattern Target
Fish net reflects the wind pattern A voluptuous net structure, which can reflect some patterns Net-sculptures reflecting patterns of wind, water etc.

Step 7: I add more information in this window

Analogy Name: net-sculptures 

Created by: Janet Echelman

Documented by: Fengbin

Some Notes: Janet breaks the boundary of net in fish-net, and brings it to net-sculpture. Janet' imagination works, and then her team need to tackle many challenges. 

Step 8: In the 'Analogy-Tool-Bar', I can try other functions, for example, I can click a button called 'Analogy-trees', and then an illustrated version looks like this:

Step 9: The 'Analogy-trees' tool can automatically create the rough graphics of 5 trees for me. I can choose to edit these 5 trees. 

Tree(in Janet Analogy)

Tree (in Janet, field tree)

There are more functions in the 'Analogy-Tool-Bar', I am going to illustrate in later parts.





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Project: Illustrate the Smart Analogy Tool

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