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Kathy's diary -- Feb 20

A translating job

As I re-read Driscoll's books, I reinforce one idea: I can try to translate the 'symbolic-mode' to 'iconic-mode', I can translate the 'novel-like' to 'play-like'. Compared to my previous reading, this time, I activate more analogies explicitly.

I dream about tools that can help me and others do this type of translating, and value this type of translating.

The translating process is a process of getting inspiration and imagination.

Life and play

Illustrate Play-&-Script: Part1-4

Part 1: The 1st-cycle of plan-play-reflect

Part 2: The scripts for the 1st-cycle of play.

Part 3: the 2nd-cycle of play

Part4: The scripts for the 2nd-cycle of play

Illustrate Smart Analogy -- Action Group 2: create and manage projects

 Project: Illustrate the Smart Analogy Tool 

Action group 2: Create and manage projects

There can be two cases for my collecting and using analogies:

Illustrate Smart Analogy -- Action Group 1: Document

 Project: Illustrate the Smart Analogy Tool 

Action group 1: document

Tree (Tree-net, part10)

Created on Feb 7th: The multiple-windows in Tree-net


Tree (Tree-nets, part9)

Created on Feb 7: Why can SIF work?

Tree (Tree-net, part8)

Created on Feb 6th

Tree (Tree-nets, part7)

Created on Feb 6th

Background Story for the Birthday Party Agent

The background story

Tree (Tree-net, part6)

Created on Feb, 6

Visualize weaving in learning

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