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Beyond innovation

Why need beyond innovation? Innovative theories, technology, and practices are supposed to be integrated closely, and prompt each other’s growth. However, the reality is: there are many gaps. A central goal of Learning Blog is to bridge these gaps.  

How can “Learning Blog” help you? You can see Beyondinno’s review on how a theory, technology, or practice is relevant to learning, and how different gaps have been or can be bridged.




Is there a single learning theory that can explain everything?

  • The intertwined threads of research, design, and practice
  • Concept map and topic mapMultiple-mode
  • Multiple-mode
  • Criss-cross
  • Cognitive tool
  • Cognitive conflict
  • Usability
  • Multiple intelligence
  • Discovery learning or reception learning Motivate or regulate




  • SmartArt and smart people
  • Microsoft-Adobe-Google
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • E-ink
  • Toys
  • Maps
  • Games
  • Photoshop/Flash
  • Google




  • ESL
  • CSI, American Idol, & Amazing Race
  • CAS-assisted mathematical education
  • Toyota
  • Increase your financial IQ
  • Lang Lang & Yao Ming



Tell a story 

You have your story about

  • Learning and apply a theory
  • Using a technology

Anything going beyond innovation. Why not tell the story here.