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Create Better Learning Experience

Informing software design with learning science

How can software help people?

The ultimate goal of software is to help people think, communicate, learn, and perform more effectively and efficiently.

What are Microsoft Labs doing? 

Microsoft Labs might be conducting research on how software design can be informed by learning science. Their goal is to understand how people think, reason, learn, and solve problems, so that their software can help users solve performance-&-learning problems in a more effective way.

You face the same challenge as Mircosoft!

Any software company might face the same challenge as Microsoft. The better a software can facilitate users' learning and performance, the higher chance is that this software can attract more users.

Therefore, if you are an software engineer hoping to learn how software design can be informed by learning science, you have come to the right place.

This course can help you address this challenge!

With taking this course, you will learn a few principles drawn from learning science. With understanding and applying these principles, you will be able to design software that is learning-&-performing friendly.

As this is something new that we haven't seen anywhere else, and the course is currently under construction, we welcome your valuable comments.