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4. Analogy 101

Analogies 101

Biological: neuron-trees

Digital: book-trees in Amazon


Cognitive: theory-trees in learning sciences

Each neuron is like a tree, which might be connected with many other neurons through synaps.


A book record is like a tree, with its attributes as branches 

A attribute (or called field) is like a tree with many books with this attribute as branches.

A book-tree is connected with many attribute-trees.

Through attribute-trees, all book-trees can be connected.

Through book-trees, all attribute-trees can be connected.

Therefore, every tree can be connectted with other trees.

A theory is like a tree, with the aspects addressed by this theory as branches.

An aspect is like a tree, with the theories addressing this aspect as branches.

A theory-tree is connectted with many aspect-trees.

Through aspect-trees all theory-trees can be connected.

Through theory-trees, all aspect-trees can be connected.

Therefore, every tree can be connected with other trees. 


The connections are the channels for neural activity


The connections are meaningful channels linking books. Users have many ways to go from a book to other books.


Each existing learning theory illuminates some aspects of learning, while obscuring other aspects.

The connections can help us find out all aspects, compare and contrast between theories, and then eventually figure out a theory-tree that address all aspects.