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Create Better Learning Experience

5. Analogy 102



Analogies between tool functions:
In playing LEGO, players use blocks to build something: a house, a tower, a car
In learning, learners use idea-blocks build mental models in their brain
In Learning-Assistant, learners can create and use idea-blocks, to build mental models

When the metaphor between Learning-Assistant and LEGO is created, a whole network of analogies might be activated:

Analogies between processes:

Knowledge-Building <==> Blocks-Building <==> Architecture



Analogies between tool functions:
In Flash, designers manipulate objects (including shape, color, sound, symbol), layer, timeline, & action-script to design movies

In learning, designers design learning-theme-plays 

In Learning-Assistant, designers manipulate learning-relevant-objects, space, timeline, & learning-action-script to design learning-theme-plays


Analogies between processes:

Learning design action, action scripts <==> Movie design action, action scripts



Analogies between tool functions:

In Amazon, people store books, books-relevant-information, books-relevant-community

In Learning-Assistant, people store learning-idea-blocks, blocks-relevant-information, blocks-relevant-community 


Analogies between processes:

Learning design community building <==> Book users community building

Google Map


Analogies between tool functions:

In Google Map, people draw maps for places, add information in maps, help people find routes to a place, know a place with all information

In Learning-Assistant, people draw maps for learning, add information in learning-maps, help people find routes to a target-learning-place, know a learning-place with all information.


Analogies between processes:

Learning journey, generating learning maps, use maps <==> Journey, generating maps, use maps

IBM Cognos


Analogies between tool functions:

In IBM Cognos, an enterprise makes intelligent business decisions, by roles, based on business data.

In Learning-Assistant, a learning-relevant role makes intelligent learning-design decisions, based on learning-relevant data. 


Analogies between processes:

Intelligent learning-design decision-making <==> Intelligent business decision-making