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Create Better Learning Experience

3. Theory-Tree


In Amazon, each book-record is a like a book-tree with branches of fields, and each field is like a field-tree with branches of books.

Now, my goal is to transfer this pattern into building synthesized learning theories. Each learning theory illuminates somes aspects of learning while obscuring other aspects.

Now, I use a simplified case to illustrate that how I am going to work on this

>> Step 1:  Analyze the strucutre 

To analyze the data-structure

>> Step 2: Transfer to Amazon Interface

To show the interface like in Amazon

Step 3: The change/growth of the tree-web 

New theories can be added into the whole website; new aspects can be added too. Just like in Amazon, new books might keep on coming there.

When Amazon decides to add some new functions as new fields, in the theory-tree case, new aspects are added here.

Step 4: Determine the aspects for a theory-tree.

>> A structure from a comprehensive theory matrix in Marcy Driscoll's book (2005)

>> A structure from Fengbin's master thesis project

>> A structure produced based on Marcy Driscoll's book (2005)

>> A structure based on 5W1H

>> PH-KIT Model

>> Any user might propose a new structure