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Imaginary Scenario 3: E-music Learning Environment

In some day of 2012, Kate, a teenage girl gets up when the alarming clock rocks. While she is dressing and having breakfast, she plays the song she wrote, sang, and recorded yesterday for her school math project. She used the online software called E-music to learn and design the music and lyric.
This E-music is co-designed and produced by American Idol producer, Google, and Yamaha. As people love American Idol very much, and so many people are engaging in participating this competition, either as a competitor or as an audience; American Idol producer has discovered another ‘Mission-&-Enterprise’: to teach people how to make their own music; to teach people how to utilize music to create better learning experience in all subject matters. E-music has become a global music school who are accessible by everyone who loves music.
Learning scientists have promoted the widely application of the concept of ‘making music’ in learning any subject. Students can form a team, or do it independently. Music can not only motivate students in learning, but also play the role of emotion-moderator.
Moreover, when integrating some subject content with music, especially when this integration is done by the students: they analyze and synthesize the content, and then transform to the format of lyrics, then they integrate the music component. This making process will promote their active processing of the subject content. They might enjoy both the process of creating the song and the process of repeatedly listening and singing the song. This listening and singing process will naturally reinforce their learning of the subject content.
Therefore, making and enjoying music have gone far beyond as an amusement activity; it has been an important dimension of processing and learning information from other subjects. (To be continued)



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Sounds good. I like the idea

Sounds good. I like the idea to learn the subjects while singing them