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Create Better Learning Experience

1. Meet the needs

The needs

I deeply believe that learning-design is a type of expertise that everyone should master.

To build a building, a team is important. 

To build one person's knowledge, teams are important too. Teachers, learning-designers, tool-designers, educational researchers, and learners are all part of the teams.

However, the most important builder need and should be the learner herself/himself.

The learner need master the 'architecture' knowledge and skills!

Failure to meet the needs

Learning-designers and teachers might systematically learn about learning-design, but it could be a rare case for most learners.  

It is commonly agreed that metacognition, self-regulation, and critical thinking are important for learners, but explicit and systematic training of learners on these skills are often absent or unsatisfied. 

Better ways of meeting the needs

I believe that learning-design should be treated as a basic literacy (like language and math). It need to be taught and evaluated as an independent subject, and also with being embedded into other subjects. This training should start from pre-schoolers, and last life-long.

As I connect learning-design with language and math, a whole set of analogies can be activated.

Think of the many ways of teaching language and math: through toys, movies, games, plays, & softwares. Build analogies==> These ways can be transferred into teaching learning-design. 

We can generate more innovative ways!

This vision has driven all my efforts of designing Learning-Assistant.