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7. Practice: real, animated, & post-structured

Practice: real, animated, & post-structured

Brainstorming ideas

Idea 1

There are shared patterns between real practice, animated practice, and post-structured practice. 

So, choosing an optimal combination according to the situation. 

Each type of practice has  its features, roles, advantages and disadvantages.

It is a pattern tree-net, with real, animated, and post-structured practices as different sub-sets of trees, and all these trees connect.

Idea 2

Why animated practice?

For visualizing the pattern, but not in a 100% same way with reality.

Sometime, it is difficult to see things in "one own reality shoes"; due to emotional factors or due to complications.

For example, I need to use an animal story to correct my daugther's disruptive behavior. I transfer all story-details ( happened to her ) to three little pigs.

Idea 3

For both real-&-animated practice, the user can learn through designing and teaching.

The learner is working towards a mission: help others learn!

Idea 4

For both real practice and animated practice, they can be post-structured.


Idea 5