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Create Better Learning Experience

2. A few challenges

A few challenges

Challenge #1: Visualization

It is difficult to visualize the process of learning design. In learning-assistant, I need to transfer abstract concepts and rules into THINGS with perceptual features. This transformation can be made with metaphor, analogy, illustration, and animation.   

Challenge #2: Learning theories are under development

The developing of each theory depends on every person who applies and evaluates the theory, especially the learner.

No other people can do a better job than the learner herself: to know exactaly what she is thinking about.

The rule/pattern behind a software function can be explicitly stated: how it is open to being evaluated and developed.

Challenge #3: Semi-structured nature of rule/pattern

Unlike well-structured rules in some engineer fields, the nature of learning science is semi-structured, especially in its infancy status.

I try to use SIF- semi-structured illustration function to tackle this challenge

Who can contribute to designing it?

This type of tool is for almost everyone. Could it be designed by everyone?

Ideally, it can be a collective knowledge-&-tool building process, with platforms supporting effective contributions of diverse sources.

The contributors could be: learning-designers, teachers, museum-designers, game-designers, toy-designers, software-designers, illustrators, animators, & learners.

What is my role?

I try to initiate the efforts of building solid theoretical basis and tool frame-work. At this phase, it seems mature to transfer my own efforts into collective efforts of whole communities. 

I will try my best to speak out the visions clearly through my own stories and designed tool functions. 

A collective knowledge building environment is my immediate goal. In this environment, users can collaborate closely for this mission.